Crystal Staff

The Crystal Staff


A Glorious Crystal Staff used in the advanced astronomical machine on undead island.
1.5 meters long
made from one solid piece of lightning colored crystal

While trying to save their lives after being captured by the Dread Pirate Van Damme aboard the Rose Revenge, our Pirates were sent to retrieve this powerful artifact to prove their worth. after locating the artifact in an abandoned mansion in a long forgotten town now inhabited only by the dead, they were able to wrest the staff from the clutches of an ancient guardian. upon their escape from the Pirate Van Damme our Pirates liberated the staff from his grasp. no doubt he will stop at nothing for its recovery… The Crystal Staff was used in some sort of Astronomical Machine.

Its abilities include:
the ability to move long distances in the flash of an eye
create a light blinding enough to repel the undead
more are sure to be discovered.

Crystal Staff

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