Cederic Draoi(deceased)

As amazing as he is handsome. Watch out for his left, right and grappling hook :)


(One of the dead captains of the Boondoggle)

Cederic Draoi
felt most free
when it would be
him and the sea.
They were closer than lovers be,
Cederic Draoi
and the sea
He lay with her for eternity
she forever holds his body.


Sailor from Inismore. Grew up in an orphanage from the age of four to nine when he was “adopted” by a ship captain. He became cabin boy and quickly showed skills at all the tasks that were given and learned all about ships in and out, top to bottom. He seemed naturally good at most all of the things he took to be it hanging with the topman or emergency repairs during raids (this is actually how the hammer became his weapon of choice) . His extreme luck in situations was shadowed by the luck that got him there in the first place. Four times in his life he has been on a ship that has been destroyed, be it by storm, leviathan, or pirates, yet somehow he would always survive. In the twenty some years at sea Cederic has picked up a couple things. He feels more at home on the water than on land by far. Even in the darkest storm he would feel alive and free if he’s on the sea. Cederic happened to be awoken one day on the shore of some island in the Floenry chain by the most unlikely group of people who explained he had been shipwrecked and luckily they had a ship he could help sail in exchange for passage somewhere a little more civilized. Not wanting to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with mutants for company he gladly accepted. He quickly made 1st mate whitch satiated him of it’s owners shady lifestyle. Being an entreprenuer he did things like organize gambling for the sailors, build a chicken coop in the hold to sell eggs the kitchen, build a rotating name plaque for the ship.
Unfortunately his lucky streak hit an end with him as captain of the Boondoggle when Profirio decided to incite mutiny with the little of the crew that had stayed with Cederic and survived the fate of the rest of the crew. In a struggle Profirio and Cederic were thrown overboard by Verde and Lothian. It happened that there where some (and by some I mean shit storms)Mer in the water of the secret cove who were not to happy about the light shining from the amulet hanging from his neck. He fought bravely but was no match for the swarm that fed upon him. “The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers” he bitterly thought as he was ripped to shreds and eaten alive.

Cederic Draoi(deceased)

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