Captain Jean Claude VanDamme

The vicious Montaigne Captain of the Rose Revenge.


He is known as a deadly hand with a Rapier, which he often uses in concert with his custom Main Gauche.
For the really hard to kill enemies he brandishes his beautiful Ruby handled Pistol (named Rose)

As treacherous a Swordsman as he is a Captain, he often employs deadly feints and unconventional weapon techniques and tricks it is said he learned from his time in the Musketeers.


It is believed that the Dread Pirate VanDamme was once a Musketeer, Fighting for King and Country until he was betrayed (it is unsure by who or whom). Now he sails the 6 Seas in search of treasure and vengeance. Upon his defection from the Musketeers nearly 10 years ago, he “commandeered” a ship of the Montaigneese Navy, renamed her the Rose Revenge and has plundered the Seas of Theah ever since.

Captain Jean Claude VanDamme

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