Maplewood at Sea

The Purple Towns: Part I

The Merchant Sailors that settled on the bountiful island known as the Purple Towns (for the purple colored clay that make up much of the buildings constructions) decided long ago that instead of a Monarchy they would rule as a collective, with the men and women who braved the seas at the head of this new nation. Over the centuries these brave souls would become known as the Sealords, and would become the nobility of this majestic violet isle.
The Purple Towns are the largest free commerce nation on Theah and as a result are incredibly wealthy. ships from every nation stop here regularly to trade and ply their wares and as such nearly every item imaginable comes here for sale at one point or another. in fact, there is a saying that goes “if you cant find it for sale in Menii, then it doesnt exist”
The island itself is very inviting, having mild winters and temperate summers and the coastline is easily accessible from the sea. as a result the Purple Towns navy patrols the waters surrounding here with jealous efficiency. at any given time however, there can be seen scores of masts coming and going from the various ports on the isle and the navy rarely stops ships unless they deem them “a threat”. as such there are many rumors that pirates litter the small grottos and bays that line her winding shoreline, approaching by night for rest and repair and stealing away before the bright light of dawn. there are even wild rumors that the Sealords informally condone these pirates (in return for a share of there plunder no doubt) but they vehemently deny these allegations.
Of the major trading ports on the Isle, Menii in the west is the largest and most well guarded. Kariss, in the north, used to be the unofficial capital but now is home to the wealthy and aristocratic of the Isle. being far less ambitious than busy Menii.
The Fortress of Evening is home to most of the Navy, and they use their position on the eastern shore to respond quickly to threats to the isle and monitor her waters.



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