Maplewood at Sea

Adventure VIII: The Heart of the Forest

After handling the local thugs at their newly acquired tavern, The Strong Arms, our Pirates set out to get both the Boondoggle and the Sea Razor back in sailing shape, and ready for plunder. After their return to the Sea Cave however, they are assaulted by a horror of chain and a host of angry (and hungry) Mermen. Captain Cedric fights valiantly but finds himself reclaimed by the sea. Our Pirates escape and return to the Strong Arms to reform their plans. Reunited with their shipmate, Profit, whos deviously clever plan netted him a bag of gold for his trouble, they arrive at the Sea Cave and begin to investigate the disappearance of their crew as well as Basil. Finding a crystal, most likely created by Basil, it leads them to another Crystal power source powerful enough to breach the magically sealed door in the secret Sea Cave of the legendary Redbeard. After acquiring a tracker to lead them into the woods, following the trail of the Locating Crystal, they brave a tanglewood forest swimming with fairie creatures, destroying a Troll, and recovering a powerful Crystal artifact. This treasure does come with a cost however, as it was being used by the fey creatures in the forest to keep their magic alive, its removal destroying their magic as well as the forest itself. undaunted, the Pirates return to the Sea Cave, open the portal and drive back the Mermen, recovering a kings ransom in loot. They also recover their alchemist, Basil, who seems no worse for wear and is eager to use his newly acquired info to track down more artifacts and unlock the secrets of the fabled Nostro Arium. With a hold full of treasure, and plans for the future, our Pirates must decide where to put their newfound gains, and who is next on their list to plunder…



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