Maplewood at Sea

Adventure VII: Chance Encounters

Our Pirates limp to the Isle of the Purple Towns for some much needed repairs and to unload their cargo hold of Castillian Marble. Aftert the death of Captain Plante at the hands of the Inquisition, they are also in the market for a new Captain.
After much deliberating and some questions about spelling, Porfirio fabricates some shipping papers and “Le Prophet” berths in Kariss and unloads her cargo (at a small loss). Not wanting to press her papers luck they head around the coast to Utkel for the much needed repairs to the Boondoggle. having the repairs completed, the ships coffers are now completely empty so acting Captain Draoi orders the ship to set sail for the mist covered Avalon coast.
En-route they employ the Theah famous “Smokestick Gambit”, made popular by the Pirate/Sailor/Bard Prophet. Having no success (this time)[because they didn’t have a balista equipped with a grappling hook] they make port in Fenshire and begin the search for a new Captain, and some easy money.
Prophet begins the search for a new Captain while the others tend to various duties in town.
At one of the seedier local pubs, while searching for some easy coin, Porfirio runs into Santos Mianta. His old partner in Castille, that betrayed him, framed him for murder, and left him for the gallows. Deciding on a strategy of a slow revenge, Porfirio confronts Santos, telling him all is forgiven, and that they should renew their association. Santos, seemingly relieved, tells him he’s glad they can work together again. Santo’s says he has a “sweet score” lined up and Porfirio should meet him in the dark, scary, out of the way alley around back in a little while so they can “discuss it”. Sensing that “nothing could go wrong”, Porfirio goes to meet him.
Betrayed Again! In a surprising twist in the dark, scary, hard to hear you scream for help alley he finds himself in an ambush! Things look grim for our Pirate, and just as it seems certain Santos will finish the job he started in Castille years ago, Porfirios allies burst onto the scene and turn the tables. In the melee that ensues,however, Santos manages to escape.
Later, a local bar is burned to the ground, Cedric makes a new little friend named George, and the Eisen gets drunk with another countryman.
Meanwhile, Prophet decides on a staunch Vendel Captain over the other candidates, which included a not in the least bit suspiciously eagar Montaigneese, and arranges to meet the Vendel the next day. The next day, our Pirates arrive to meet the new Captain of the Boondoggle. The Vendel, while seemingly quite reliable to honor his obligations the previous night, is a no-show. In a lucky turn, the not in the least suspicious Montaigne applicant wanders by nonchalantly. Our Pirates discuss the possibility of the Vendel falling to foul play the night before, but its decided that this Montaigne has the right stuff for the job.
Louis Farnot takes command of the Boondoggle and they set sail around the coast to a “sweet score” the new Captain knows about.
Two days later, after taking onboard several hundred Montaigneese revolutionaries, our Pirates are thrown in the brig along with the original Castillian crew. After the mutiny, an unfortunate and unforeseeable tragedy befalls the boy, George, and the Boondoggle sets sail under the command of Captain Louis Farnot for the Montaigne coast.
Before Farnot can reach the Montaigne coast, however, the ship is captured by the Montaigne navy.
later, while our Pirates are awaiting transport to the Bastille, they organize a cunning and daring escape on a commandeered wagon. Bursting onto the wharf they valiantly retake the Boondoggle. Prophet courageously stays behind to cover their escape and the Boondoggle slips away into the night.
After avoiding the Montaigneese navy that is in hot pursuit (the clever pirate/bard/comedian Prophet having slipped aboard the chasing vessel unnoticed) the Boondoggle happens on the secret pirate cove of the legendary Redbeard, without even a mention of the name Prophet thus far. Half submerged they find his famous ship, the Sea Razor, and begin plans for its refit. In the sea cave they also find a door, protected by a magical ward, with symbols leading the Pirates to beleive it is somehow connected to the fabled Nostro Arium. After a brief search for treasure yields no clues as to what happened to Redbeard nearly ten years ago, our Pirates wonder if something horrible befell him here in this very sea cave? Deciding that its really nothing to worry about, Porfirio, Cedric and their new Eisen friend Einhandor go and check out a local tavern Profirio has recently become the owner of while Ludger, the Castillians and Basil stay behind to work on opening the magically protected door. Still no mention of Prophet.
Upon arriving at the run down inn, several days later and still with no mention of the missing bard, called the Strong Arms, our pirates are met with an ill tempered debtor that holds the new owner (Profirio) responsible for the debts of his predecessor. With a fight imminent, the Pirates prepare for action. I bet their missing Prophet now.
Back in the sea cave, things look dark, as creatures from the sea rise out of the deep and prepare to lay claim to the new Pirate interlopers and from out of the magically sealed door a horror of living chain emerges. Ludger and the rest prepare to fight for their lives in this unexpected ambush……… And Prophet is no where to be seen, yet still no one has noticed.


Captains gonna have a hook for a hand soon enough. :)

Adventure VII: Chance Encounters

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