Maplewood at Sea

Adventure IX: Pieces

Act I: The Dowry of Pardoux
after Profit finds information on a secret treasure trove, our Pirates go in search of buried riches. after abducting the only remaining crewman to know the whereabouts of a massive dowry buried on an island inhabited by brutish cavemen, the Boondoggle arrives in search of that treasure. entering a large cave system they find large winged, tunneling, firebreathing, element controlling scaly reptiles (that in no way resemble any other trademarked giant flying firebreathing reptiles) guarding this haul. they elude the LWTFECSR’s but run into the lost maidens ghost. fighting her in the ethereal plane with the aid of Vlads magic cloak, they dispatch her and loot the trove. Pirate crew body count: 27

Act II: High Seas Heist
Porfirio concocts a plan to nab a payroll headed for the Fortress of Evening in the Purple Towns. finding information on times and dates they lay their trap. the Boondoggle lays in wait pretending to be caught unaware by the passing Naval vessel. The Military ship Ravens Wind takes the bait and “captures” the Boondoggle. the crew of the Boondoggle relay the false information that the rest of their crew is ashore. going for the bait the Captain sends his Marines to capture them. meanwhile the Sea Razors appears and takes the weakened vessel. unfortunately before that happens the Captain orders a skeleton crew to return to port with the captured Boondoggle. the plan works to form and although they lose the Boondoggle, they gain the military galley. the haul is very sizeable.
Pirate crew body count: 28

Act III: The Adventure of Getting a Giant Egg off the Top of the Mountain
Vlad drags the crew onto a dangerous mountain top in search of a Griffons egg to sell. instead they run into a foul tempered Storm Giant. they pretend to throw themselves off the mountain top in subjugation and are allowed to leave.
Pirate crew body count: 3



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